Friday, 5 December 2014

National Rail Vikas Yojana

Indian Government has envisaged a huge investment scheme for rail segment to eradicate capacity blockage on Golden Quadrilateral & Diagonals to offer intended rail communication connections to ports, production of mega-overpass for better communication to the neighborhood & growth of multi-modal convey passages. This scheme is named as National Rail Vikas Yojana by the Indian
Government. During his speech in 2002 on the auspicious Independence Day, Hon'ble Prime Minister declared the Yojana.  The scheme was formally started on December 26, 2002. National Rail Vikas Yojana has the following outlay planning works:
Intensification of Golden Quadrilateral & Diagonals linking the four metropolises which are Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai.
Offering Rail dependent port- linking & growth of passages to surroundings counting multi-modal passages for movement of urns.

Construction of four massive bridges at Patna & Munger on Ganga River, on Brahmputra River at Bogibeel & on Kosi River at Nirmali.

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