Friday, 5 December 2014

Rastriya Sam Vikas Yojana

Poverty in rural areas in India can be greatly attributed to recurring unsustainable agriculture, droughts, absence of drinking water and inadequate facilities of irrigation. Hence, due to few water sources, the problem becomes so big in the India. India is a country of agriculture and people live mostly in rural areas. According to agriculture department about 800 MM simple yearly rainfall can offer nice scope for important water resources and irrigation facilities. Rashtriya sam vikas yojana help to achieve advancement in horticulture, agriculture and allied development.

Overall Objective

  • Providing sustainable development in living standards of all poor tribal via proper development of natural resources.
 Scheme Area
  • The main project area could be backward tribal town in the district Banswara in India.
  • The program is designed for marginal and small tribal farmers of various tribal blocks at Banswara district in Rajasthan state. It is a known fact that they live below the poverty line. According to record about 46,400 needy tribal families could be benefited out the scheme.
Scheme Period

  • The duration of the scheme is only 3 years.
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