Friday, 5 December 2014

Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana

  • RGGVY or Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana was greatly launched in the month of April in 2005 especially by mixing all kinds of ongoing popular schemes.
  • Hence, under this scheme, the central government provides ninety percent of grant and ten percent as a loan which is provided by REC or rural electrification corporation to all states’ governments.
  • The REC or rural electrification corporation is the main nodal working agency for this scheme.
Definition of all villages’ electrification
According to scheme, a village could be declared as an officially electrified, if –
  • Fundamental infrastructure like distribution, distribution lines and transformer are given to the locality includes hamlet or dalit basti wherever it is situated.
  • Necessary electricity is distributed to all kinds of public places such as Panchayat office, schools, dispensaries, health centers and community centers.
  • Moreover, the numbers of exact households which are electrified need to be 10% of complete population in the town.
Aims of RGGVY
  • Basically electrifying every villages as well as habitations according to new guidelines.
  • To provide proper electricity to every rural households
  • To offer electricity connection to every BPL or below poverty line families with no charge.
Main infrastructure works under RGGVY
  • REDB or rural electricity distribution backbone system with 66/11 or 33/11 kV important sub stations are formed in areas where it did not find.
  • VEI or village electrification important infrastructure along with vision of distribution electric transformer of needed capacity in habitations or villages.
  • DDG or decentralized distribution generation method is based on non conventional or conventional energy sources wherein grid supply needs to be cost effective or feasible.
Conditions and implementation methodology under RGGVY
  • The main work is the preparation of various districts based information schemes for proper execution especially on turnkey system.
  • Proper involvement of public sector owned by power ministry of Indian in implementation of various schemes.
  • Providing certification of various electrified towns by authorized Gram Panchayat or office.
  • Taking contribution of franchisee especially for the arrangement of all rural distribution for best consumer service as well as reduction in all kinds of losses.
  • Important undertaking by various states governments for supply of necessary electricity along with daily supply of about 6 to 8 hours of proper electricity in the areas of RGGVY.
  • Creating provision of important requisite revenue especially subsidy by local state government.
  • To provide bulk electric supply for various franchises in a system that guarantees commercial viability.
  • Moreover, three tier system of quality monitoring management for 11th projects.
  • Online monitoring of step by step progress of schemes.
  • Offering funds or capital affiliated to achievement of important pre determined system.
  • Online electronic fund transfer direct to contractor account.
  • Apart from that notification of important rural electrification schemes issued by various state governments.

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