Friday, 5 December 2014

Integrated Handloom Training Project, IHTP

The main working group of Indian planning commission especially on jute and textiles industry for the important five year scheme had indemnified requirement for making training models for all weavers engaged in low cost items production, to enable those people to survive in cut throat competition of global market.  Hence, to offer effective system of upgrading skills in the field of handloom industry to meet the present market challenges. The integrated handloom training project was set to achieve this goal. The main motto of this scheme is to provide proper training to weavers
so that they can face the challenges of present market completion. Central government of India has ordered all the states to set up an independent section for the development of Jute and textiles industry.  It also provides the knowledge of various new technologies being used in the industry. Moreover, the scheme also includes various necessary skills or abilities to handloom workers for important marketing their won new stuff. The project also allows workers to take financial help and assistance from the market agencies and state governments.
The main objectives of this important project are stated below.
  • To offer three tier important training session for semi killed or non skilled weavers, centre stage technicians and very high stage management system in handloom industry.
  • To offer required assistance in an integrated scheme and comprehensive system to upgrade the needed skills as well as knowledge of workers along with fundamental inputs for stuff development as well as diversification.
  • Offering facility of modification of all looms so that enable stuff diversification to fit the export market or global market.
  • The project also offer training to various categories of handloom weavers by keeping the point of expertise. So that they can achieve good result out of it in both international and domestic market.
This project can be divided into mainly three components to fit the needs of a particular worker segment. Moreover, the training session would impart about know-how system on various technical management. Moreover, to achieve best result such as design development, dyeing and printing, weaving techniques, pre and post loom management, upgrading new skills etc. however, some of the important components are stated below.

  • This training program comprises training in all kinds of weaving, design and dyeing development.
  • Training for management
  • Manufacturing training and product fabrication or value addition Garment training.
  • Asset and marketing creation.
  • To provide all other kinds of trainings especially for the development of needed skills to sharp the productivity capabilities in required handloom industry. 

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